The #1 Female Health & Hormone Optimization System

We’re talking about a total life upgrade here

The Glow Protocol uses proven, natural strategies to optimize every system of the body including Gut and Immune Health, Digestion and Assimilation, Hormones and Neurotransmitters, Energy and Mitochondrial Health, Detoxification, Heart and Lung Health, and Cellular Structure.


Harness the power of nature, combined with data driven science to go beyond balance and truly leverage your genetics for optimal wellness

GLOW: Genetic Leveraging for Optimal Wellness

What does it mean to leverage your genetics? In the simplest terms, it means we are working WITH not against your DNA to create a healing plan to takes into account what YOUR body truly needs and wants. No more fighting against yourself, no more forcing, sacrificing and punishing. When you leverage your genetics for optimal wellness healing is more natural and less effort.

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STEP 1: Define and Declare

Get crystal clear on your current state of health, how you got there, and where you want to go. Visualize all of the beauty, energy, and zest for life that’s hiding beneath your symptoms

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STEP 2: Identify and Remove

Investigate and uncover the epigenetic triggers, hidden stressors and blocking factors to your health. Reveal and remove the root causes, lifestyle habits and environmental factors stealing your vibrancy, so you can rediscover your health, confidence, joy, and even pleasure. You’re about to become the woman you’re truly meant to be: gorgeous, sparkling, glowing with energy, and ready to take on the world

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STEP 3: Enhance Your Genetic Expression

Craft the ideal plan to nourish and support every system of the body with your own ideal nutrition plan, lifestyle practices, exercise regimes, and stress-reducing techniques that are the PERFECT match for your unique DNA so that you become the master of your own expression.

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STEP 4: Create Perfect Harmony

Create long term sustainable results for your high vibe, wildly productive life by mastering the art of achieving and maintaining balance and harmony in this crazy chaotic world.

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STEP 5: Thrive and Optimize

Tap into your limitlessness. Express your superhuman potential. Look and Feel Amazing in Your Own Skin. Life each day with vibrant energy and childlike wonder.

Precision, Bio-specific Strategies to
Balance Every System of Your Body.


This groundbreaking program, which merges a decade of Dr. Michelle’s research and clinical experience with the latest findings in the science of natural medicine, gives you the cutting-edge keys to a lifetime of vibrant health.

Ignite Your Energy

Feel more energy than you have ever felt with this amazing program.

Harmonize Your Hormones

Looking and feeling great will impact your mood and relationships positively.

Detox Your Liver

Free yourself from dependency on prescription medications

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Heal Your Gut

Learn about what foods are right for your body and feel satisfied!

Increase Productivity

Reach new heights of productivity at work and at home

Boost Your Brain

Your new found health will help you gain a sense of calm & clarity!

Ready To Get Started? Here Are The Typical Results

Members of the GLOW Protocol will have access to the most cutting edge functional lab tests, evaluation tools, and cutting-edge holistically grounded protocols.

  • A 3X INCREASE IN ENERGY – Increased performance with more energy and less stress at the end of the day
  • DOUBLING OF PRODUCTIVITY – Increase in energy and wellbeing to let you focus more on what matters and get more done in less time.
  • A 4X INCREASE IN HAPPINESS – Improved mood and quality of life with richer and rewarding experiences.
  • 85% REDUCTION IN DISEASE PROMOTING FACTORS – Live a longer, more fulfilling life with reduced risk of disease and resolution of nagging symptoms
  • 5x IMPROVEMENT IN SLEEP QUALITY – Sleep soundly throughout the entire night and wake up feeling refreshed Need one more
  • SIGNIFICANT REDUCTION IN CHOLESTEROL LEVELS – As well as blood pressure, blood sugar, liver enzymes, triglycerides, and inflammatory markers.  Reverse chronic dis-ease and eliminate dependence on prescription drugs.
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You Are NOT your hormones.
You Are NOT your diagnosis or symptoms.

All that Glimmers Deserves to GLOW

You are so much more than that. You are a leader, a nurturer, a creator, a lover, a partner, a friend. You are the infinite power of the universe. But right now, the only thing that seems infinite is the struggles you are currently experiencing and the supply of nonsense advice all around you.

At 40 lbs overweight, April didn’t think anything would work. She found Dr. Michelle through a referral from a co-worker and decided to give one last try.

Lisa had no idea what naturopathic medicine was, she gave it a shot since nothing else was working. Little did she know, her life was about to change.

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It’s Time To
G  L  O  W

We Stand Behind This Program

Money-Back Results Guarantee

That’s why I’m offering a FULL refund, to anyone who completes The Glow Protocol, follows the simple step-by-step instructions, reaches out for my support, but for some crazy reason does not see a measurable improvement in their health. There is No RISK. Either you get your health and happiness back – or you get your investment back. Read my REFUND POLICY

In-take assessment

Your answers to questionnaires will generate your personal Glow Matrix & Timeline that act as your roadmap for optimal health

Access to the Glow Protocol Portal

Complete with 10 comprehensive, interactive, training modules

Step-by-step Video Tutorials, Meal Plans & More

Get step-by-step worksheets, proven therapeutic meal plans, recipes, treatments, exercises and more

Vault of Past Coaching Calls

Access to additional modules that includes past coaching calls and additional resources.

LIVE Weekly Coaching Calls

Get all of your questions answered in real time & never have to wait for long periods of time to get help

A Private Glow Protocol Community Group

A safe place where you can ask questions and receive support from Dr. Michelle & the community every step of the way

Functional medicine evaluations

A comprehensive state of the art functional medicine evaluations and assessments

Cutting-edge functional lab testing

Access to cutting-edge functional lab testing

Discounted Supplements

Your membership gets you access to discounted pharmaceutical-grade supplements

On Boarding Call With Dr. Michelle

This 20-minute On-boarding call will be with one of our top-notch health coaches that has been personally trained by Dr. Michelle

One-On-One Appointment With Dr. Michelle

In this private call with Dr. Michelle she will review your in-take assessments

VIP Lab Package

This VIP Lab Package includes an Epigenetic Interpretation Test and two additional lab tests of your choosing.

Private Lab Review Call

One-on-one appointment with Dr. Michelle to review your epigenetic and lab test results, along with her Recommendations.

Customized Supplement Plan

A customized supplement prescription from Dr. Michelle

Your Own Client Portal

Ask questions through your own client portal and also have access to Dr. Michelle and her team via email and text messaging.

12 Monthly (1x per month) 60-minute Group Calls

These are open office hours were you can come ask questions & receive answers.

4 Quarterly (1x per quarter) Nutrition Consultations

One a quarter you can schedule a private nutritional consultation with one of our top health coaches.

12 Monthly (1x per month) 15-minute Check-in Calls

You can schedule a 15-minute check-in call once a month with one of our top health coaches.