Shelia’s Story

Shelia with her kids Testimonial

I was very hesitant about investing the amount of time and money necessary to work privately with Dr. Michelle Sands.  I wanted to make a change so bad.  I wanted to experience the type of transformation Dr. Michelle made possible for others.  But deep down inside I questioned whether I could truly achieve those results for myself.  After all, I had tried what seemed like everything in the past, and never got lasting results.

In my initial consultation with Dr. Sands I had a huge breakthrough.  She helped me see that my own self-doubt was the biggest obstacle in the way of my success in so many areas of my life. Once I was conscientiously aware of that, I was able to move past it a little bit at a time.  As the months went by I upgraded practically every area of my life; my health, my happiness, and my relationships.  The funniest thing about it all is that because of this experience, I was given a promotion and a bonus at work – which pretty much paid for my whole year of private work with Dr. Michelle!!