Sandy’s Story

Sandy Testimonial

At the time I joined the GLOW Protocol I had been in chronic pain from a severe sports injury to my pelvis that triggered a cascade of injuries to numerous body parts for over nine years. It was the “perfect storm” that hit right at the start of menopause and took me from a highly athletic, energetic healthy woman down a deep, dark and frightening “hole” to a state of being unable to walk, stand or even sit in a car. Not surprisingly, this injury cascade also wreaked havoc on my health due to the tremendous stress from years of daily living with debilitating chronic pain (thyroid, adrenals, blood sugar, cholesterol, hormonal imbalance, fatigue, insomnia with a “boatload” of symptoms too many to list).

I had been to over 25 different doctors and specialists. I exhausted conventional medicine with it’s limited tools for chronic conditions that hurt more than helped, hearing things like, “It’s nice that you have these goals but you won’t be able to do anything more physically one year from now” or “If you were my sister I’d send you to a surgeon because you have no other options” or “My best advice is to tell you to learn how to live with chronic pain because you’ll have it for the rest of your life…have any of your previous doctors give you the ‘pain talk’?” After four years of abuse in the only medical system, I was programmed to “trust” and go nowhere chutes and ladders with my pain and abilities, I turned with unwavering persistence and belief in my body’s natural healing capacity to more holistic modalities. I always knew the answers were there for me…I just had to keep searching and leave no stone unturned. I was looking for a caring practitioner who thinks outside the box and would be my trusted guide in helping me uncover the root causes of the demise of my health, energy and vitality.

It is such a blessing in my life that my path crossed with Dr. Michelle and her GLOW Protocol. The timing couldn’t have been better because I was ready to take full responsibility for my health and healing rather than blame or resent previous practitioners that continually frustrated, failed and hurt me.

Dr. Michelle has such a refreshing approach in the GLOW Protocol. She stays on the leading edge of all the conflicting information out there and filters through the research for the most reliable and effective healing approaches. At the same time, she is extremely open and receptive to her client’s needs, opinions and desires. She wants to work together as a team to resolve issues–so refreshing! She is encouraging, upbeat and highly knowledgeable about the mind and body. She is a true healer in every sense of the word with a deep commitment to helping her client’s achieve optimal health. Her GLOW Protocol provides the critical foundations of health, with the necessary tips and tools for healing, along with a deep dive yet very straightforward education on the body and how all the systems work independently and in relation to one another. I love this because it empowers me to be in the know about my own body when it comes to doing research and making decisions about my health.Dr. Michelle is there for her clients and provides a warm and inviting environment for learning and connection with others on a healing path. And she’s always open to answering questions and making recommendations and suggestions via email, her facebook page and weekly coaching calls. During my time as a GLOW Protocol member, I learned that I have four gut bacterial infections and also that I have severe sleep apnea which was zapping my energy for years unbeknownst to me. Hello, root causes! It’s exhilarating to put the pieces of my “healing” puzzle together. Dr. Michelle recommended a gut healing protocol that I’m currently doing and she also gave me some exercises that have helped previous patients reverse their sleep apnea and get off of their CPAP machines over time. I started those exercises immediately!

I am optimistic because my bloodwork already reflects positive changes. When I’ve reached out to Dr. Michelle with any concerns she is there with answers. Not only is the GLOW Protocol teaching and reinforcing taking responsibility for my health and well-being, but this is also spilling over to my family as my husband and nineteen-year-old daughter are taking action to uplevel their health as well because they see me as a role model for a clean and healthy living who rose from a bedridden state. Today I’m physically able to walk, swim, bike ride, do yoga, stand increasingly longer (so I can cook easy meals–yay!), and use weight machines to get stronger for the first time in ten years–and, I have the energy to do these things. As of the beginning of this year, I stopped taking all pain medication for the first time in ten years.

I want to thank Dr. Michelle from the bottom of my heart for guiding and encouraging me on my healing journey. I recommend Dr. Michelle and her GLOW Protocol to anyone who wants to take charge of their health, gain valuable knowledge about the mind and body and get to the root(s) of what ails them so they can not only heal, but flourish and thrive!