Min Rayfield’s Story

Min Testimonial

After several visits to the ER due to excruciating pain in my stomach I realized and was told I needed the guidance of a GI Specialist. Two GI specialists later I was still feeling pain in my stomach, constipated for four months, and experiencing even more pain and more symptoms.

I was prescribed endless counts of medication to help with the constipation, tests were performed during my ER visits, and more medication was prescribed through the GI Specialists. After having no resolution to my severe pain, I contacted Dr. Michelle Sands. She instantly made me feel as if she could relate to my symptoms making me feel like an individual versus just another client to handle.

She immediately ordered a GI panel to be tested and shortly after she prescribed a remedy that actually assisted me in finally going to the bathroom. It was more than a feel of relief; it was seriously a feeling of hope and exhilaration. To explain the severity, I had gained over 20lbs in less than a week due to the retention of everything and not having a movement. After a month I felt like I was making headway with her prescription.

Going further into your testing and evaluation on my medical history and day-to-day symptoms she emphasized how my extreme stress and anxiety were factoring into my digestive ability. Dr. Sands provided insight on my problem versus just medicating me. She helped me understand why I may be experiencing the pains and she talked me through how to minimize my symptoms. After about 7mths of enduring pain with multiple doctors and specialists, I ONLY received benefits from Dr. Sands help.

She is remarkable and is willing to listen to all your concerns to ensure the accuracy of her diagnosis and treatment. I highly recommend Dr. Sands to anyone having any stomach concerns. She is truly incredible and passionate about helping others recover and get back into their normal routine.

Thanks so much Dr. Sands! I still have a ways to go but with your help I have been making great progress!!