Elaina’s Story

Elaina Testimonial

Before working with Dr. Michelle I had two miscarriages. I knew that I wanted to have a baby, but I also wasn’t feeling well enough to care for one. I had very little energy and would sleep the majority of the day. I struggled with my weight, digestion and acne the majority of my life.

Dr. Michelle was so kind and caring and was really the first doctor that actually listened to all of my concerns. She always made me feel important and took the time to explain all of the testing and treatments to me.. She held my hand in taking baby steps to implement changes so I never got overwhelmed.

Dr. Sands ran the right tests to determine that I had Hashimotos Thyroiditis, something that had been missed by doctors in the past. After just 4 months, my antibodies went from over 400 to less than 10, and my energy completely transformed.. Now I enjoy taking walks, doing exercise videos and tending to my garden – things I never would have had the energy to do before.

Dr. Sands also discovered through genetic testing that I have a problem with my MTHFR gene that may have contributed to my miscarriages,. And she gave me a plan to be sure this isn’t a problem in the future.. We mapped out my hormones and balanced progesterone and estrogen using herbs instead of drugs..

I feel amazing and confident about starting a family this year.

Update: I am writing to update my testimonial to include that we welcomed the newest member of our family earlier this month – Evelyn Michelle