I want to help you become Happy, Healthy and Hot – so that you can raise happy, healthy, confident and successful children. 

April’s Story

After the birth of her son, she gained weight, and despite many attempts to lose it she continued to gain over the next 5 years. At 40 lbs overweight, April didn’t think anything would work. She found Dr. Michelle through a referral from a co-worker and decided to give one last try.


Kisha’s Story

Kisha didn’t want to waste any time. She was serious about getting her body back after her baby was born, so she hired Dr. Michelle right away. Working closely with Dr. Michelle, Kisha followed a safe, natural, and effective program that allowed her body to heal while she dropped the baby weight fast.


Isabel’s Story

After the birth of Isabel’s 2nd child, she no longer felt comfortable in her own skin. No matter how hard she tried that extra baby weight wouldn’t budge. Along with the extra pounds, she was dealing with extreme fatigue and digestive difficulties as well.


Sally’s Story

I’m an executive and I help run several different companies, but sadly, I was suffering from horrible menopausal symptoms, thyroid dysfunction, and digestive distress. I decided to invest in Glow Protocol, elite private coaching, and within four months, I am already noticing some changes!


Lisa’s Story

Lisa had no idea what naturopathic medicine was, but she gave it a shot since nothing else was working. Little did she know, her life was about to change.

Today she is happier and healthier than ever before, plus her husband and son are happier as well.


Danielle’s Story

6 years ago I couldn’t even exercise for 10 minutes.  I never would have dreamed of riding a bike 10 miles.  This goes to show how powerful motivation is.I never used to think that I needed someone to train me, but the truth is, having someone to help me was vital!


Danielle Testimonial

Kristin’s Story

Working with Michelle has changed my life!  In our first session we focused on my mindset, which resulted in a miraculous turnaround.  In the next few months we worked on supporting my body to heal itself.  We didn’t even focus on my weight.  I didn’t diet or do long strenuous workouts, but since working with Michelle I have lost 32 pounds, without even trying.


Kristin Testimonial

Shelia’s Story

“I was very hesitant about investing the amount of time and money necessary to work privately with Dr. Michelle Sands.  I wanted to make a change so bad.  I wanted to experience the type of transformation Dr. Michelle made possible for others.


Shelia with her kids Testimonial

Elaina’s Story

Before working with Dr. Michelle I had two miscarriages. I knew that I wanted to have a baby, but I also wasn’t feeling well enough to care for one. I had very little energy and would sleep the majority of the day. I struggled with my weight, digestion and acne the majority of my life.


Elaina Testimonial

Min’s Story

After several visits to the ER due to excruciating pain in my stomach, I realized and was told I needed the guidance of a GI Specialist. Two GI specialists later I was still feeling pain in my stomach, constipated for four months, and experiencing even more pain and more symptoms.


Min Testimonial

Sandy’s Story

At the time I joined the GLOW Protocol I had been in chronic pain from a severe sports injury to my pelvis that triggered a cascade of injuries to numerous body parts for over nine years.It was the “perfect storm” that hit right at the start of menopause and took me from a highly athletic, energetic healthy woman down a deep, dark and frightening “hole” to a state of being unable to walk, stand or even sit in a car.


Sandy Testimonial
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