Hi, I’m Dr. Michelle Sands, ND

I’m a #1 Best-selling Author, licensed Naturopathic Physician, Speaker, Female Hormone Expert, and Epigenetics coach.

I’m passionate about helping women harness the power of nature so they can elevate their genetic expression and live vibrantly, not just by optimizing health physically, but also mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Dr. Michelle Sands with Hormone Harmony Book

“My signature program, The GLOW Protocol, has helped thousands of women transform their health, even those who thought they could not be helped”

Dr. Michelle Sands and her family

I Am The Co-Founder of Glow Natural Wellness

We are a global leader in optimizing female health, hormones, and wellbeing through precision genomics, data-driven science, and natural therapies.

I believe that everything we need to heal, balance and optimize our bodies can be found in nature, the universe, and within ourselves. I see women from all over the world in my virtual practice, GLOW Natural Wellness, and have a remarkable track record for improving health and happiness.

“I used to think that diet and exercise were all you needed to achieve optimal health  – and I learned the hard way that was not the case”

I have worked hard to stay fit for my entire adult life, but I haven’t always been healthy

For years, struggled with insomnia, fatigue, acne, brain fog, digestive issues, hormone imbalance, chronic pain, and mood swings.  I pushed through these symptoms with OTC medications, exercise, and nutrition.   As time went on, things got worse.  I was competitive on the college track team, getting straight A’s in school, but I was falling apart on the inside.  Popping pills for every symptom was beginning to wear on me, especially when the pills stopped working.

After a series of doctors visits, I was diagnosed with Primary Ovarian Failure (POF) at age 20.  I was told that I would never give birth to a child naturally.  I was given antidepressants, birth control pills, pain killers and sleeping pills.  But no answers and no explanation of how or why this happened.

I thought I knew all there was to know about health and fitness, but this was another story.  I felt broken, deceived and helpless.

I found myself spiraling into a sea of dispair, searching for answers but coming up empty time and time again.

I spent years trying to fix my hormones, trying anything and everything I could.  I reached out to experts in all facets of medicine – endocrinologists, chiropractors, Chinese Medicine practitioners, energy healers – anyone who said they could help. I was taking one step forward and two steps back.  No one could really help me.

I decided to further my education, working towards my natural medicine degree, I started to see holes everything that I knew up till now.  I went from a hamster on a wheel to a rat in a the lab.

“I kept digging for answers, letting science and intuition be my guides.  This led to me discovering that autoimmunity, microbiome imbalance and toxicity were at the root of my hormone imbalances”

Dr. Michelle Sands with Paxton

After Several Years of Research,  I Developed A 5-step Healing Framework – The GLOW Protocol

I reversed my autoimmunity, restored my microbiome, detoxed my system, balanced my hormones -AND gave birth to the love of my life -Paxton Emerson Sands.

Since then, I have perfected and shared this system with thousands of women all over the world to help them overcome a range of chronic conditions such as hormonal imbalances,  menopausal symptoms, fibromyalgia, diabetes, Weight Loss resistance, autoimmunity, Lyme, Gut Dysfunction, low libido, low energy, cancer and more.

The point is that no matter how bad you feel or how many doctors you have seen, you have the power to heal, grow and thrive.